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tidy kid 2014




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Feeling Toxic Toxic Feelings One Week With My Casio Performance Fragments my frozen flower pot people sit in cars




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tidy kid 2014



Summer 2010 - protools and sounds captured through microphones . electric guitars . a 57 . a feeling of more but just having a little . then later noticing it was more . feeling toxic


berlin 08 no.30

circus tramp no.31

coming up trumps no.32

ein tidy luftballon no.33

the start 05 no.34

those red paintings (tidy kid remix) no.35

voicemail 4 friends no.36

(bonus song) bus stop no.37


*September 2009 to February 2010


Feeling Toxic


Net Label: Gozombie Records (7 tracks)

Release Date : 25th June 2010

download here (Originally on GoZombie)





October 2010 - Remix exchange between me and Bibio . 7" Smell


Bibio Smell Remix

Smell Original no.9

Tribio Tidy Kid Remix





Independent Release via Tidy: (2 tracks)
& illustrations by David Sankey


Release Date : 16th Oct 2010

Featuring a remix by Bibio (warp)

* only 200 copies * " about 45 left "


available here





tidy kid 2014



Spring 2009 - guitars home made samples still no midi eq and more eq compression . Toxic Feelings


toy plane in ice no.23

yes baby yes no.24

thrumpy no.25

reject fly bot no.26

piani tarta no.27

they stole her mother no.28

gidget controller 75 no.29


Toxic Feelings


Net Label: Umor Rex (7 tracks)

Release Date : 14th April 2010



download here (originally on Umor Rex)





Autumn 2008 - my casio from the child hood - speakers and microphones - 7 days - . One Week With My Casio


bla bla boo! no.17

mute face no.18

pretty girl no.19

coma for dog no.20

i lost my mind no.21

game time no.22




Net Label: Test Tube (6 tracks)

Released: January 2009 ...

Cassette Version: Froggi Records

order here (150 limited edition cassette run)


download here (free on Test Tube)




Spring 2007 - performance included final vocal takes and a dvd to go with . home made samples . a tent structure . tengu . art exhibition . tool box samples . Performance Fragments


fragment 1 no.11

fragment 2 no.12

fragment 3 no.13

fragment 4 no.14

fragment 5 no.15

fragment 6 no.16


Performance Fragments


Net label: Ccroplane

Released: July 2008 ...


download here (originally on Acroplane)




Spring 2006 - continued from people sit in cars - . My Frozen Flower Pot


flower no.7

frozen no.8

smell no.9

snail no.10



my frozen flower pot


Net label: Umor-Rex (4 tracks)

Released: January 2007...



download here (free on Umor Rex)





Summer 2005-2006 - no midi . home made samples . vocals . pro tools arrange page . slow to fast . People Sit In Cars


ein no.1

kleines no.2

bein no.3

kommt no.4

zuhause no.5

angehuepft no.6



people sit in cars


Independent Release via Tidy (6 tracks)

Released September 2006 ...



order cd here or downloads here




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