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Single 1 7" wax 2010




Independent Release via Tidy: (2 tracks)
& illustrations by David Sankey


Release Date : 16th Oct 2010

Featuring a remix by Bibio (warp)

* only 200 copies * " about 45 left "


available here




people sit in cars my frozen flower pot Performance Fragments One Week With My Casio Performance Fragments feeling_toxic



Ep 6: 2010
Feeling Toxic
Ep 5: 2010
Toxic Feelings



Net Label: Gozombie Records (7 tracks)

Release Date : 25th June 2010


download here (free on GoZombie)

Performance Fragments


Net Label: Umor Rex (7 tracks)

Release Date : 14th April 2010



download here (free on Umor Rex)

Ep 4: 2009 One Week With My Casio
Ep 3 & DVD: 2008
Performance Fragments

One Week With My Casio



Net Label: Test Tube (6 tracks)

Released: January 2009 ...

Cassette Version: Froggi Records

order here (150 limited edition cassette run)


download here (free on Test Tube)

Performance Fragments


Net label: acroplane (6 tracks)

Released: July 2008 ...


download here (free on Acroplane)

Ep 2: 2007
My Frozen Flower Pot
Ep 1: 2006
People Sit In Cars

my frozen flower pot


Net label: Umor-Rex (4 tracks)

Released: January 2007...



download here (free on Umor Rex)

people sit in cars


Independent Release via Tidy (6 tracks)

Released September 2006 ...



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