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Live in Berlin 2011



angela's tidy kid painting


Angela's Tidy Kid Portrait Painting


Art Reaction to People Sit In Cars EP: by Tabrez (Scotland)





#2 Reaction to track, "Bein" from EP, People Sit In Cars (December): by Nick Mcgavern (Australia)


nick mcgavern


#3 Photo's from Tidy Kid's first visual performance. Collaboration exhibition with artist Nick McGavern.

9th March 2008


A contrast art piece, two artists, in close environment............. {DVD RELEASE MID 2008}


All art pieces will be documented in the DVD along with writings, pre and post exhibition




Nick McGavern : Post Thought



A projection of the set in flux



People asking, people laughing, people drinking


teddy sings song


Teddy's like to sing to you when your asleep




7 video camera's were used. The footage will be cut to create 3 pieces. A pre music and visual cut. A post exhibition music video cut

And a shorter storyline clip for use as an element in Tidy Kid's debut Album project.


tidy kid and tengu (nick mcgavern)


Tengu in full flight