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DVD 1 : 2009
Performance Fragments


Performance Fragments (live DVD)


Featuring Nick McGavern & Tidy Kid . Art Gallery / Photo Gallery / 25min performance with hand built set and alternative sound track. See below for preview:


100 limited disk / 20 premo hand crafted run on Tidy Kid Music. No premo's left, 17 disks left.








40 limited edition Tidy Kid t's via Visual Continuity

(about 23 left)


visual continuity


20 limited edition Tidy Kid t's via Damien Pascoe

(about 5 left)


damien pascoe



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Game Time - Visuals by Nick McGavern










Mute Face - Visuals by Nick McGavern







Hand crafted and illustrated by Leif Arwen Gifford, this beautiful and surreal clip was created for the track by Tidy Kid, a time intensive remix of pOnk's track, The Emagineer.

Featuring some lovely child like vocals by tidy kid, and plenty of his personal Synth toys, this mish mash motion cut up remix certainly might not sound much like the original, but certainly got its direction and motivation by collaborator pOnk.
Collaborations are bliss. Zonk out to this one please.

Released as a 4 track split, via Creaked Records, April 2011.

(CRDS29 Outer Space Series Vol.2)






Hello! today i present a new film clip from Jacob! Her film clip is based around my track "Coma For A Dog" from my 4th EP "One Week With My Casio" which is available as a free download from the Test Tube Net Label. Cassette version from Froggi Records!!!

Here it is: Big hugs and thanks to Jacob for such a free imaginative weird and wonderful visual entity to a sound track of mine, yippy! xo




Hello! this previous green box is telling you about a short clip by Damien Pascoe. Tidy and his crew took to the road, found a nice steep hill, and filmed some hard running moments, whilst eating and combating food which can do the opposite of excercise if fed without excercise, yeah that sounds about right.


Track titled "I lost my mind " from my 4th EP "One Week With My Casio" which is available as a free download from the Test Tube Net Label. Cassette version from Froggi Records!!!




Hey, I shave my beard, I rang the newspaper, but they didn't care . . .



Some Stuff


When your young your life goes slowly, when you're older, your life might be going in double speed, why is this? Is it maybe to do with the emotion of imagination? Willing to be imaginative in your adult life might create a longer life… Imagine a beam connected to the world of no time, no space. When you are a child you imagine and therefore, are using both that part of the brain, and its beam. No time, no space, means that your more human self believes that life is very very long indeed. (note to self, get scrapbook photos and use them in diary)


Ideas are not be taken too seriously, a conservative self is a stagnant self. Be happy of what you are aware of at this moment in time. If someone else, a visual noticing, or another person's art brings this onto you, this is your gift. Don't push it away, rather experience it in its fullest. You don't need to own anything; but please, don't be shy, be aware.



click to download ep 2 for free